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My 16-year-old daughter and I needed to start a new life and had to start all over again. Even though we knew that it wasn't going to be easy, yet again we didn't expect to find ourselves homeless one winter morning. It was devastating. My daughter was trying to adjust to our new life, her new school... besides struggling with a new language, she had to deal with a mother who was seriously sick and had to deal with the urgent care and hospitals.

Since we started our new life at the Shelter we have felt so safe. The Staff made us feel welcome, stretched a helping hand out and were always there for us in our good and bad days. They respected our struggle and helped us ease the pain.

The Shelter has proven to me that there are still good people in this world and that our Lord is having a watchful eye on us. I am very grateful to the Staff and the Committee for letting us recover and gain our strength back in this difficult time of our life. 

Thank you very much again, 

Best regards and love; 


-From Turkey


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Upon my arrival to the Shelter, I was very scared and nervous. I had just been discharged from a halfway house in Ballston Spa with no place to go.  I was newly into recovery from my Substance Abuse disorder for 11 months and I felt a deep sense of defeat for lack of transitional planning.

When I walked through the doors of the Shelter. I was welcomed with compassion and understanding in which was something very foreign to me. When I meet with Staff they assured me that my past would not affect my stay at the shelter and that my addiction didn’t define who I was today.  The calm that experienced presented to my soul, is truly unexplainable.

As I enter the end stages of my Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment, I am currently working with a career counselor and enrolling in college. I will be pursuing a degree in the Social Service arena. My journey has given me insight in this area that I would not have had before. It is an honor to remain connected with the Shelter and watch women just like me- grow, change, and achieve their own success.  For that, I extend a tremendous amount of gratitude to you all.




Over 30 years ago, the Soul Saving Station For Every Nation of Saratoga Springs  opened the city's first homeless shelter. It is open only to women and children.

The Mother Susan Anderson building, named for one of the women who helped start the church in 1961, was once the parsonage and sits adjacent to the house of worship at the corner of Caroline and Henry streets.

Currently, the W.C.H.S., aides women, and children throughout the state of New York. W.C.H.S. has helped hundreds of women throughout the years; things like recovery, employment, and housing programs that will help them regain their lives.

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